At DocuFi, we offer solutions built through years' of customer experiences, to meet your document capture and processing needs.  Our solutions work on mobile platforms, Windows desktop and servers, or as cloud services.

imageramplogoclip-450x200 ImageRamptm Batch works with your existing scanners, MFP's or existing PDF files by watching folders. Use it to build a searchable database, name files using barcodes, index to XML or CSV and much more. Applications include data mining, barcode splitting and renaming and much more.  For more details see the features chart below. 

ImageRamptm ScanSeparator, ImageRamptm OCR2PDFImageRamptm Barcode Validator are free and complimentary tools to help you get started and try our solutions.

ChronoScan Capture Solution

ChronoScantm ChronoScan enhances the DocuFi Capture family by providing a powerful, fast document capture solution, enhancing data capture and scanning productivity. With unsurpassed data extraction and verification capability, automatically extract pertinent information from your documents, verify the correctness and share the information with your ECM or line of business databases. ChronoScan implements capture solutions for data-mining needs including invoice capture, signature validation, forms recognition and more. For more details see the features chart below.

DocuFi offers a full line of document and data capture and delivery applications.  Give us a call to understand your intelligent data capture needs and we'll arrange a web demo of the right product for you.