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Part 1: Using Healthcare and Environmental Services Data Analytics for Infection Prevention

Part 2: Putting Healthcare Environmental Services Data to Work for You
In our two part series, we discuss the use of Environmental Services (ES) data in providing insight for infection prevention and success with value-based purchasing and the process to move from raw ES data to a visual, predictive analytics tool.
C.diff Rates Decline Due to Better Antibiotic Management and Environmental Cleaning Preliminary CDC research says decline is attributed to better antibiotic stewardship and more thorough healthcare cleaning, according an NPR interview reported in Becker's Healthcare.
Handwashing for Infection Prevention Video Winner A clever hand hygiene video's "wet, lather, scrub, rise, dry" instructions are a winner. Join in on the CDC's Clean Hands Count Campaign and find hand hygiene resources.
HAIvia Dashboard Makes Infection Prevention Learning and Competency Testing Measurable  With the integration of human resources and a learning management system HAIvia dashboard, users can launch a series of competency courses directly from the dashboard to determine their proficiency. Those failing in certain areas can be automatically assigned to a refresher course for the appropriate topic.
Need for Better Collaboration Between Health IT and Environmental Services A discussion of the need for healthcare information technology and environmental services teams to work together to better "facilitate, streamline, and document care" for better patient safety.
The State of HAI Prevention "Infections continue to pose problems for U.S. health care facilities—but their elimination efforts are making admirable strides." Cleaning & Maintenance Management
Improving HAI Prevention and Patient Safety through Effective Environmental Cleaning "Fight HAIs with a Comprehensive EVS Program is a must.  Best practices align with the CDC guidelines to create a comprehensive environmental services (EVS) program." Becker's Healthcare
Infection Prevention Through Integrated Data Analytics and Training Implementing an integrated data analytics solution with key infection prevention metrics and employee training can offer hospital executives the critical tool to enhance their infection prevention. SlideShare by DocuFi
Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning "In view of the evidence that transmission of many healthcare acquired pathogens (HAPs) is related to contamination of near-patient surfaces and equipment, all hospitals are encouraged to develop programs to optimize the thoroughness of high touch surface cleaning as part of terminal room cleaning at the time of discharge or transfer of patients." CDC
HAIvia Dashboard: Visualizing and Managing Infection Prevention for Environmental Services HAIvia Dashboard is a single solution for environmental services leaders to analyze and monitor key HAI indicators and integrate online infection prevention training to keep their staff top notch and increase profit. DocuFi SlideShare
Fewer Hospitals Earn Medicare Bonuses under Value-based Purchasing


"More than 1,600 hospitals will see bonuses from Medicare in 2017 under the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing program, according to federal data. The number earning positive pay adjustments is about 200 fewer than last year."
Evaluating Cleaning Practices and Improving Compliance Learn how to implement an environmental cleaning monitoring program using a non-punitive and team-based approach." Illinois Campaign to Eliminate Clostridium difficile