Capture Audit, Inspection, Inventory, Disinfection Event Data & More

DocuFi™ can effectively help you manage your medical facility by incorporating mobile applications to transform the information into a visual, interactive tool to guide decision makers with DocuFi's HAIvia Dashboard. HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data entry errors by automating these task-related forms and reporting. Combining HAIvia Mobile with HAIvia Dashboard offers detailed analysis of the data providing actionable information to help you in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and increase your Hospital Value-Based Purchasing incentive payments. Common, familiar mobile graphical interface features such as touchscreen entry and scroll data selection practically eliminate the need for user training.

Advancing Infection Prevention through a Mobile Capture and Dashboard Platform

Some of the Standard Task and Event Forms Include:

  • Cleaning Staff Inspection Audits – Inspection audits, built from the CDC Checklist, offer an easy way to monitor the effectiveness or quality of cleaning staff performance as they disinfect rooms. Contaminated surfaces play a significant part in the transmission of dangerous pathogens and proper cleaning is imperative in the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Learn how the HAIvia Dashboard can turn Inspection Audits into actionable data.
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection Discharges – UV disinfecting robots are proving to be an invaluable way of eliminating pathogens from surfaces. Many provide digital data, but lack room metrics and other key information. Our tool can add operator-based timings, room location, and device identification, for review and analysis in our dashboard platform.
  • Room Discharge Notices – Easily validate room discharges into the system. This can trigger special services such as UV disinfecting and more.
  • Bed Turnover Inspection – New standards from 2The Joint Commission require that cleaning staff inspect bedding on all isolation discharges, and all patient units on a monthly basis. Our app can be used to provide auditable validation of the activity and record the need for updated bedding.
  • Room Classification Update - Hospital rooms are in a constant state of change, and cleaning staff are often first to recognize these changes. Data captured from our platform can feed costing and CAD drawing systems to ensure accurate representation of a hospital’s critical infrastructure.

The Bottom Line: HAIvia Mobile Aids in Infection Prevention and Improves Value-Based Purchasing Incentives

With an estimated 75,000 deaths1 annually from HAIs, today’s healthcare environmental services workers are making infection prevention and control a top priority.

With HAIvia Mobile, automate your inspection, auditing, and disinfection processes to improve infection prevention, eliminate paper forms and transcription errors and cut inspection costs. And adding HAIvia Dashboard can turn your static inspection data into meaningful, actionable opportunities to identify challenges and take corrective actions. Integrating the application data with the HAIvia Dashboard does not just report data, it offers action and the opportunity to improve Value-Based Purchasing Incentives.

Some Sample Screens

Creating Task Forms

Our professional services can create mobile task forms from a number of basic building blocks to capture the specific data you need.





Individualized Forms

Task forms are assigned to individuals and downloaded from our cloud services onto a user’s mobile device. Their daily activity is a finger swipe away.


Using QR or Barcodes for Quick Data Entry

Rooms and equipment can be designated by a unique QR or barcode affixed to the door or item. Using these designators eliminates data entry issues and speeds up data capture.





Meeting Joint Commission Requirements2

Meet new Joint Commission requirements requiring the inspection of isolation bed checks. Auditable metrics can be sent to the dashboard.

Accurate Data Entry

Realize accurate data entry by selecting items such as the Inspection Monitoring Method from scroll lists.




Easy Touchscreen Entry

Enjoy easy touchscreen selection of “Clean”, “Not Cleaned” or “Not Present in Room” designations per the CDC Checklist. Checklist items can be customized to add additional high-touch items to the inspection.


Certified Completion with Date and Time Stamp

Implement signoff verification to certify the inspection and automatically capture the date and time.



Analysis of your Inspection Data

To truly turn on the power of the HAIvia Mobile, the data can be exported via XML or PDF or stored in our cloud services. If you have an analysis framework, the XML data can be integrated for analysis within your system. For optimal analysis, implement HAIvia Dashboard which can be tightly integrated with HAIvia Mobile

Cleaning Tracking and Training Data

Integrating the data with our HAIvia Dashboard provides high-level analysis tools to track inspection data based on your requirements. View inspection data by housekeeper to review the quality practices and assign them to our integrated Learning Management System with appropriate training courses.

Illustration: Integration with the Dashboard can provide information on the number of inspections, failures, frequency of inspections and more.

Illustration: The data can be “actionable” and housekeepers can automatically be assigned to corrective action such as retraining through our online Learning Management System.

Illustration: User training can be tracked through the dashboard.


UV Cleaning Device Data

In addition to discovering opportunities to retrain your environmental services workers, the data from HAIvia Mobile can be used to track UV disinfection events and correlated with isolation discharges and more.

Illustration: Tracking UV device data can lead to detailed infection occurrences and application of the device.


Additional Analysis from HAIvia Mobile Data

In addition to opportunities above, the data from HAIvia Mobile can be used to:

  • Audit the review of isolation discharges and determine if UV cleaning was performed
  • Update facilities management data when room classifications change

Contact us for a Demonstration

Contact us for a demonstration and let us understand your data metrics and possible integrations. We want to help you make informed decisions to lower HAI rates, better manage and train your environmental services personnel and facilities, and increase your revenues.

1 ”HAI Prevalence Survey”

2The Joint Commission: “An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.” Visit The Joint Commission site.